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Get Familiar With Exotic Peruvian “Nikkei” Cuisine At Above Eleven

Get Familiar With Exotic Peruvian “Nikkei” Cuisine At Above Eleven

Author: Anonym/Friday, August 9, 2013/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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The Vibe: Located on Soi 11 in the Frasier Suites; Above Eleven is hell bent on introducing the Thai market to the joys of Peru’s oldest fusion food called “Nikkei”. It is a unique cultural mix of Peruvian ingredients combined with Japanese cooking techniques. The concept for the restaurant was Inspired by central park in New York City, and it is a roof-top restaurant that offers fabulous city views from no matter where you sit. It mimics a private park and features vertical gardens, abstract art installations of steel trees, and bathrooms that double as observatories of Bangkok’s skyline. They attract an energetic and hip crowd and they have a high energy vibe.

What To Eat & Drink: Start off with the fiery Cebiche Above Eleven which is raw seabass and cooked prawns marinated in spicy Tigers Milk (Leche De Tigre) which is coconut milk, chilies and lime. It is topped off with fresh Deep Fried Calamari for a stimulating dish of contrasting textures and temperatures. Next try a Pisco Sour cocktail which is made from Peruvian grape brandy, lime juice, simple syrup, bitters and egg whites for a foamy consistency. We also recommend the Tiradito Sea Bass Aji Amarillo which is thinly sliced raw seabass with yellow chili leche de tigre which is served with yummy Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes. The Causa Kani is also not to be missed. This is a masterful offering of traditional Peruvian mashed potatoes mixed with lime, onion, and chili which is then topped with chilled crab salad, sliced avocado and a boiled quail egg. It is a creamy and sophisticated delight. The Anticucho Beef Heart is additionally divine. It’s an upscale version of the kebab style grilled meats that are commonly sold by vendors on the streets of Peru. The meat is tender and bursting with beef flavor. The highlight is a very traditional dish called Seco De Cordero, which is a delectable lamb shank that has been slow cooked for 3 hours and seasoned with a mix of beer, cilantro, cumin and aji amarillo chili. It’s served with white beans and rice and it is comfort food at its best. For dessert you can’t go wrong with the Torta Tres Leches which is a decadent cake made with three types of milk and cinnamon.

Insider Insight: Above Eleven is a top notch venue with some stimulating cuisine on offer. The service is fabulous and their price points are reasonable with plenty of options for sharing. An average price for dinner is under 1000 Baht a person with cocktails and starters. Nikkei cuisine is flavorsome, comforting and tailor made for groups. Its generous use of chilies should have a wide appeal. Above Eleven is open daily from 1800-0200 and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the city.

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