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Japanese Fine Dining with Yamazato

Japanese Fine Dining with Yamazato

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, July 24, 2013/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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The Vibe: Yamazato in the Okura Prestige Hotel is one of a handful of fine dining Japanese restaurants in the city. Yamazato has a thoughtful and creative origami inspired design aesthetic that is an easy mix of both modern and traditional elements. It has an upscale urban feel and you can choose to dine in one of the relaxing private dining rooms, in the main dining room, or at the cozy sushi bar where you can enjoy views of the city behind the Teppanyaki station where the chefs prepare your meal. Yamazato attracts an upwardly mobile clientele, and international business types.

What To Eat & Drink: Start with the Sesame Tofu with Sea Urchin, which is sublime. The tofu is made from sesame instead of soy which imparts a remarkable hint of nutty and smoky flavor that is amazingly sensuous and silky. The Sea Eel with Pickled Ginger is another brilliant offering. For sashimi try the Moriawase which is 7 kinds of fresh seafood. It features a duo of Blue Fin Tuna including the belly which has a high fat content and a luxurious taste and mouth feel along with the darker red tuna which has a firmer texture and stronger aroma. You will also find Sea Bream and Grunt (Isaki), Pacific Surrey (Sanma), Amberjack and the crunchy giant Geoduck Clam. Other favorites include the extremely fresh Scallops, the lightly torched Salmon, the exquisite Sea Urchin and the popular Unaki which is torched eel. The Clear Clam Soup is another dish you don’t want to miss. It has a deep and intense aroma of clams that permeates every molecule of the broth. Next we recommend the hand rolled Nigirizushi, where the precision and skill of the chef; as well as the quality of the fresh fish, is undeniable. For a main course try indulging in a bottle of sweet Sparkling Sake which is reminiscent of champagne and ordering the Premium WAO Beef Tenderloin with Vegetables. This masterpiece is slightly seared and served on a ceramic hot plate where it delightfully sizzles away. This flavorful and fatty beef dissolves on your tongue and it is as close to perfection as a dish can get. End your meal with Silken Tofu Pudding which has a sweet red bean paste at the bottom and the Yuzu Sorbet which is wonderfully sharp and refreshing.

Insider Insights: Yamazato delights by offering one well calculated and beautifully plated dish after another. The service is impeccable and only the highest grade seafood is served and fresh fish is flown in three times a week from the famous Tsukiji Market in Japan. You get the real feel of Japan here no detail is too small to be overlooked. It is on the pricy side, although they do have some set lunches that are under 600Baht per person. On average expect to spend upwards of 3000Baht per person for a meal at Yamazato without sake. The portions are small so you will be tempted to order more. Overall it’s worth the high price for such an exquisite experience.

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