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Soulful Northern Thai Street Food at Thai Lao Yeh

Soulful Northern Thai Street Food at Thai Lao Yeh

Author: Anonym/Monday, June 24, 2013/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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The Vibe: Located in the lobby of the Cabochon Hotel & Residence on Sukhumvit soi 45, Thai Lao Yeh is a real find for those who covet the soulful simplicity of Thai cuisine. It is a quietly sopisitcated venue that is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia and to re-create the feeling of old Siam with vintage Thai and Chinese design elements. You will discover marble table tops that sit upon reclaimed iron sewing machines, Chinese wooden bird cages hanging from the ceiling, and an open kitchen with an actual street food cart that is actively used to grind herbs and chilies in traditional stone pestle and mortar. Thai Lao Yeh will appeal to those who enjoy street food but do not covet the idea of eating curb side in the blazing heat with all the traffic, noise and pollution.

What To Eat & Drink: You will find more than 100 classic Thai dishes on the menu with the average dish priced at 150Baht or less. Everything is served on delicate blue and white porcelain, and the food is meant to be ordered all at once and shared "Thai style". Start your meal off with a glass of white wine such as the Heritage de Baron Louis, Vdp de Comte Tolosan, 2010 from France and an order of Mixed Seafood Fried w/Thai Herbs. You may also want to try the Nahm Prik Ong which is minced pork stir fried with fermented soybean, garlic, chili and cherry tomatoes. This spicy dish is slightly sweet and served like a Thai version of "chips and dip" with fresh veggies like cabbage, cucumber and long bean along with deep fried crispy pork skin. If you're feeling adventurous, try the Spicy Herb Soup w/ Frog which has an intense depth of flavor and the tasty Grilled Pork Ears which are chewy and seductively sticky. It has a scrumptious smokiness that is heavenly when eaten with sticky rice and dipped into the spicy sauce. For red wine go for the Heritage de Baron Louis, Vdp de l'Herault, 2011 from France which is nice with the grilled items such as the Shai Moo Yang, a.k.a Grilled Intestines. They look a bit like little grilled sausage links and they lack the pungent aroma that often accompanies offal. Another favorite dish is the popular Crispy Pork w/Kale and the heavenly Grilled Fatty Beef. The name really says it all. It is smoky, fatty, beefy perfection on a plate.

Insider Insight: This is the kind of place that you visit once and immediately know you want to come back. Its secluded location at the end of a quiet soi makes you feel like you're worlds away when you're really not far from the city center. They are never too crowded, and they have beautifully appointed private rooms that can be reserved for small groups. The hotel also offers access to their "Joy Luck Club" bar and lounge for drinks before or after dinner, and they have a relaxing terrace for chilling out. There are very few places where you can get this type of food in a restaurant of this caliber, at such attractive price points.

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