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Five at K-Ville is a Kitsch "Black Magic" themed Gastro Pub

Author: Anonym/Sunday, May 5, 2013/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Vibe: Located in the trendy life- style mall; K-Village on Sukhumvit 26, Five is a dark and fanciful gastro pub designed by Ashley Sutton, the creative force behind the popular venues Iron Fairies and Fat Gutz. Five has a playful "witchcraft" theme and the name Five is meant to represent the five elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. It is almost disarmingly dark inside, with moody black interiors, giant wax dripping candles, voluptuous velvet bank seating and an impossibly impractical iron staircase that leads to VIP "opera" seating that overlooks the restaurant below. There are extra added touches like placards of "spells" used for wall art and the staff that dressed like Druid priests. Five will appeal to a younger hi-so crowd that is drawn to the dark side and craves something out of the ordinary.

What to Eat & Drink: Five is really more for dinking than formal dining, and most of the cuisine is made for snacking and sharing. The menu is full of quirky dishes like "Black Magic Wands" (breadsticks) and "Bat Wings" (Chicken wings) and we recommend the signature Five Fondue of fontina cheese, parmesan cheese, and camembert cheese served with raw quail egg yolk and Black Focaccia. It's quite rich and the creamy egg yolk adds silky lusciousness to the dish. We enjoyed the Titan Spaghetti which is a pretty hearty serving of black squid ink pasta in a black ink sauce with a slight chili kick. The cocktails at Five are where they really shine and we recommend The Slow Burn which is composed of gin, fresh passion fruit, stewed tomatoes, palm tree sugar, hot lime, and a bit of flaming Sambuco. The Prescription Brandy Sazerac is another great cocktail that is made with Italian brandy, lime, honey, and cinnamon which is then chilled and served in an absinthe-coated medicine bottle with the dramatic fanfare of dry ice to boot. Perhaps the most interesting cocktail is the Warlocks Night Cap. It's a carefully balanced combination of gold rum and silver rum, orgeat , fresh lime, apricot brandy and "secret" botanicals. It's meticulously shaken in a long spout shaker and dramatically emptied into two chilled metal goblets.

Insider Insights: Five is one of those places that feels like it's all style with little substance. It lacks soul and charm and the overpriced food and cocktails can leave you feeling a bit let down. Although the theme and decor of the restaurant have a kitsch appeal, the sitting and dining areas are impractical if not downright hazardous if you are not being careful as you maneuver around. The standoffish and slow service is another turn off, but they are saved by the originality of their cocktails, as you do have some clever concoctions that you won't find anywhere else. Five feels a bit like the kind of place you stop by for a cocktail on your way to or from somewhere else. They are open every day except Monday, from 600PM to 0100AM.

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