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Kao Tom Bavorn, Maybe the Oldest Kao Tom (rice soup) in Bangkok

Author: Anonym/Friday, April 29, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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It has been told that there were three places considered as the oldest Kao Tom (rice soup) places in Bangkok – (1) Kao Tom Sue Pa (i.e. Lim Ngo Huad Restaurant & Ung Lab Peng Restaurant); (2) Kao Tom Baan Mho; (3) Kao Tom Bavorn. The first two places already closed down, remaining only Kao Tom Bavron still existed. Established since 1953 as a food stall in front of Bavorn Nives Temple, Kao Tom Bavorn used to be a famous place among nightlife people coming to such famous pubs as Lolita, Alexandra, & Moulin Rouge around Ratanakosin Island back to last 50 years. After the pubs closed, they had to grab their last meal at Kao Tom Bavorn before heading back home. Otherwise, it was considered they did not yet arrive the city center of Bangkok at that time. It’s true or not you can check back with your parents or even your grandparents.

Definitely, the best thing to try here is their Kao Tom – it spreads out the good scent from the real jasmine rice. For their famous Kab-Kao (a la cart – food to eat with rice soup), you must try their Pa-Lho. The recommended one is duck’s limbs & entrails. But if you are afraid of these things, just duck meat in Pa-Lho can be well substituted. Another thing that I like to recommend is their Jab Chai (a soup with mixed vegetables), which has so flavorful and good smell. It is as tender as you almost do not have to chew it!

Khun Kunakorn, the current owner, told that actually his shop has initiated by his father long before 1953 peddling around Banglumpoo area. Three main factors that still keep his Kao Tom shop popular since his father generation ‘til his generation are: (1) Being faithful to his customers; (2) Genuine jasmine rice which make his rice soup so aroma; and (3) Fresh ingredients which make his food so tasty. So, this is another high-quality oldie eatery in Bangkok that we should visit regularly to help keep this place continued lasting together with Bangkok history.

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