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Ethos Delivers Healthy, Hearty And Tasty Cuisine

Author: Anonym/Monday, February 21, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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The food at Ethos is fresh, colorful, and flavorsome. The fact that it is also organic, vegan and good for your overall health seems too good to be true. As unlikely as it may seem, Ethos is neither a mirage nor a figment of the imagination, but instead revels itself as a genuine oasis in the Khao San neighborhood of Bangkok. You don’t have to be a backpacker, an aging hippie or a health food fanatic to feel at home at this laid back restaurant run by Australian owner Phillip King. Mr. King stated that he is trying to take a holistic mind and body approach and wants to promote the concept of health to his customers, and not just serve food without meat. “I want my customers to go away with a new mind set. I want to educate people about health and clarify misconceptions about what is good for health and what is not. For me it is not only about the food, but it is also about life choices, overall health and nutrition”.

Ethos is located a block down from the Burger King on Khao San on a small soi behind all the silver shops. It’s a relatively quiet soi and it is surrounded by several other vegetarian restaurants including the famous Mai Kay Dee. Ethos is airy, open and has a funky and relaxing vibe from the moment you step on the premises. You can either sit cross legged at tables on the floor, or sit in chairs at the regular tables. There is no air conditioning, but it is well ventilated by fans and there is plenty of “world music” that plays in the background and takes you on a mental journey around the globe. Ethos also has free Wi-Fi access (with meal), onsite restroom facilities, and a small library where you may borrow books, a massage pallor, a travel agency, and a well stocked juice bar.

The menu is very large with quite a few breakfast items, curries (red, yellow, green, penang), salads, noodle dishes, rice dishes, sandwiches and Indian, Thai and Western main dishes. The menu has more than 100 items on it, with about 70 items being vegan (no meat, dairy or eggs). Ethos uses organic brown rice and vegetables approved by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). They also use rice bran oil and coconut oil for frying instead of soy bean oil and they make their very own organic whole wheat breads, homemade tempeh (fermented soy cake) and homemade coconut butter for baking.

Recommended dishes include the Friend Tempeh (80Baht) and the Salad with Fried Tempeh and Peanut Sauce (80Baht). The salad is large and colorful and features lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, sesame seeds, fried tempeh and works well with the creamy and mild peanut sauce. The Falafel with Hummus and Tahini (120Baht) was superior. The pita was warm and soft, while the falafel was perfectly seasoned and well executed. The flavors were crisp and clean and were amazingly satisfying when served with the fresh vegetables and addictive homemade hummus. The portion was large enough to enjoy two good sized sandwiches and still have hummus left over. Recommended desserts include the famous Apple Crumble with Coconut Cream Custard (120Baht) which is 100% vegan and made with their signature coconut butter. It is a mixture of perfectly balanced textures and flavors and feels way too rich and decadent to be good for your health. Another must try is the different varieties of pancakes. They have versions made with eggs, without eggs, with wheat, without wheat, and the list goes on and on. A favorite is the Gluten Free, Multi-Grain Blue Berry Pancakes (120 Baht) and the Gluten Free, Multi-Grain Mango & Banana Pancakes (85Baht). The pancakes are fabulous, and the blueberry sauce is made fresh to order. The pancake was almost the size of a dinner plate and was served with coconut cream instead of butter. It tasted wonderful and was very dense and hearty. The pancake really could be eaten all by itself and felt like a complete meal.

The food at Ethos is exciting and the staff is more than willing to make recommendations and give detailed information about anything on the menu. Ethos also serves a 120ml shots of Kambucha (40Baht) which are fermented teas that have a unique combination of yeast and bacteria that are said to promote intestinal and gastric health. They are also made onsite and come is some unique flavors such as Chinese Plum and one based on Tom Yum. Ethos is great because their cuisine is always reasonably priced, the menu is constantly evolving, and everything you eat is very fresh. Ethos does a great job of delivering healthy, hearty and tasty food that leaves you feeling totally satisfied.

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