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A Touch of Tokyo at Ninja House Hero “Theme” Restaurant

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, February 16, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Ninja House Hero is one of Bangkok’s best kept secrets for “entertainment” dining … Japanese style. Tokyo is famous for their “themed” restaurants and cafes, where everything from the costumed staff, to the decor and the menu revolves around the selected theme. Ninja House Hero pays homage to this Japanese tradition by introducing Bangkok to this “campy & fun” Ninja inspired restaurant. Located near the Phrom Phong BTS station on soi 26, Ninja House Hero is perfect for anyone craving delicious Japanese food served up with a bit of “escapism”. For more information visit the website at

The Venue

Ninja House Hero has several dining room options available and it is highly recommended that you call ahead and reserve your room in advance. Guests can choose to dine in the semi-private “super dark” dining room, the “mild dark” main dining area, or one of the private VIP rooms upstairs. VIP rooms vary in size and capacity. They offer private “sweet-heart suites” for couples, larger rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 30 people, as well as several other options in between. The venue is spacious; the décor is mostly black and red with lots of incandescent and florescent lighting. It is a peculiar blend of ancient dungeon meets tranquil Zen garden.

The Entertainment

The fantasy begins as soon as you arrive at Ninja House Hero, as the staff beat the antique Japanese drum announcing your arrival. You are then guided by a masked Ninja through an almost pitch black series of caves, until you cross a small wooden bridge and are confronted by a life size mannequin of an ancient warrior; all the while your ninjas guide shouts and dances about you. Next you are guided to your dining area where you are presented with menus on scrolls. Once your food is ordered, a myriad of games and entertainment can begin. Guests who arrive before 1930 are invited to play the “swords of discount” in which your ninja presents you with 3 swords, you pick one and receive a 10%-30% discount depending on what sword you pick. There is also the “Fighting Ninja” game in which you pull wooden sticks out of a box and “fight” against your Ninja in order to win a free T-shirt. There is also the “Samurai Dance” which is a heart pumping spectacle of several “ninjas” dancing and kicking about, simulating ancient combat. It’s all a bit over the top, but that’s the point. As the food begins to arrive, and the sake begins to flow, you never know quite what to expect next, but feel confident that it will be entertaining.

The Chef

With so much energy and attention being spent on the entertainment aspect, it would be easy to neglect the food, but that is not the case at Ninja House Hero. The Japanese owner, Shigetaka Ueno, is originally from Tokyo and has been in the food service industry for more than 20 years. He enlisted a world class Japanese chef named Anek who most recently was employed at The Kikusui by Zense at Central World in Bangkok and previously worked as the executive chef for the Japanese Embassy in Uruguay and Egypt. Together these two created a menu that is visually stimulating with a focus on creativity, artistry, whimsy and fun. Mr. Ueno stated “often times entertainment restaurants serve pub style, low quality food. I want to serve only the best, high quality food which is like that which you can find in Japan”. Mr. Ueno admits that this requires constant vigilance to nurture the relationships with his suppliers in Japan, where he has most of the menu items imported from.

The Food

Ninja House Hero is focused on traditional Japanese cuisine, although they have recently added a few Thai dishes to the menu. Guests can choose to order from the set menus which they call “course menu” or from the ala carte menu. Ninja House Hero has 4 course menus: Wind (1200Baht), Cloud (1600Baht), Fire (2500Baht) and Vegetarian (800Baht). They all (except the vegetarian) include 8-10 courses that include a choice of appetizer, soups, salad, sashimi, meat dishes, and dessert. Recommended dishes from the ala carte menu include the Mixed Tempura (200Baht) which is generous in size and superior in taste. The mushroom in particular was massive, and the shrimp seemed oversized as well. The crispy batter was light and crunchy, and the vegetables and fish were perfectly moist and tender. Top pick for a recommended dish is the Sashimi (1500Baht) which contains 5 different cuts of raw fish (2 cuts of yellow fin tuna, salmon, snapper and octopus); it is artfully presented on a bed of “snow” in a bamboo boat complete with sound effects. The “Toro” tuna, which is the fatty cut of tuna, was sublime; the salmon was incredibly rich, and the snapper was delicate and light. The “tako”, or octopus, was sweet and tender and the sashimi was cut thick and wide so that the portions were the largest ever seen. Another surprise hit was the Cream Mushrooms Pasta (250Baht). The mushrooms were earthy and meaty, while the sauce was luxurious and decadent.

Ninja House Hero is surprising on several different levels. Much thought and foresight went into bringing the Japanese “cult classic” of themed entertainment dining to Bangkok. It’s more than just "tongue-in-cheek" entertainment; it is a real slice of Tokyo in Bangkok. The Ninja theme is reason enough to visit, the impressive list of Japanese wine, sake, soujoui and beer are reason enough to make you want to stay for a while, but it is the uncompromising quality of the food that will leave you wanting more. Ninja House Hero is a dream come true for those who love “everything Japanese” but it is also a safe bet for anyone who enjoys great Japanese food.

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