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Bombay Blues is a Funky Chill-Out Bar and Restaurant

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, February 16, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Bombay Blues is a funky little”chill-out” bar and restaurant tucked away on a quiet soi near Khao San road. It can be a bit of a nightmare to find, but if you’re the adventurous type and enjoy meandering through unfamiliar soi’s and back alleys, then you may be able to find this restaurant. It is located on soi Rambutri right next to that uniquely “Khao San-ian” business venture, the multi-functional “travel agency-tattoo parlor and cocktail bar”. If you are decidedly less adventurous or lack patience, then it is advised to call ahead and ask for directions at 085 859 1515.

The Venue

Bombay Blues is pretty cool, but it is not an upscale restaurant. Despite all the red draping fabric, and candle light, Bombay Blues is not particularly romantic. Maybe it’s the over-the-top and ornate decor, the smell of burning incense, or the alternating Reggae, Pop, Indian, and Thai music being pumped throughout the restaurant; but the overall feel is more cozy and intimate than romantic. Diners should also know ahead of time that there are absolutely NO conventional tables and chairs in the restaurant, so wear comfortable clothing, bring an extra pair of socks if you don’t like walking around barefoot in a public restaurant, and be prepared to “chill-lax”. Shisha, which is the Indian water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco, starts at 300Baht and Bombay Blues has a large selection of flavors to choose from. There is outside seating in front of the restaurant and on the upstairs balcony, as well as inside. On the inside, each table in sectioned off and made private by impressive red sheer fabric draped overhead. The floor level wooden tables all come fully equipped with classic games for your entertainment such as “Connect Four” and “Tumbling Tower” blocks. There is an ample cocktail menu with quite a few choices of beer, mixed drinks, and liquor standards sold by the glass or by the bottle. Although you will not find a wine list, you will find signature shots as well as a tempting array of Jello shots for the young at heart.

The Food

The menu at Bombay Blues focuses on serving Indian and Thai food, but with all the low lighting at Bombay Blues you may literally want to bring a flashlight to read it (this is no joke). The staff is extremely friendly and attentive and they are very willing to explain what is on the menu and make recommendations. The food is reasonably priced and there are 15 different breads including Nann and Roti to choose from along with 10 different vegetarian entrees, and a large variety of dishes that feature chicken, fish, prawns and mutton. Recommended dishes include the Chicken Tandori (150Baht) and the Sheek Kebab (160Baht) which are finger rolls of chicken with spices, ginger and garlic. The Tandori Chicken comes in two sizes and the small order has four pieces of chicken and is large enough to share. The chicken is marinated and basted with a spicy BBQ sauce and then cooked in the Tandori oven. It has bold flavors with a pleasant citrus kick. The only downside is that the chicken is served on the bone and it would be less messy if it were boneless. The Nann (40Baht) was chewy and warm but the Dal (90Baht), which is a lentil stew, and the Papadam (crispy flat bread or cracker) were a bit too salty. Other popular dishes include the Chicken Tikka (110Baht) and the Mutton Curry (170Baht) which was in an intense and savory curry sauce. The quality of the mutton used was low grade as evidenced by its stringy and gelatinous texture, but the flavor of the curry was noteworthy. The chutneys and yogurt cucumber side dishes were not exceptional, but they were tasty and well matched with a frosty cold beer.

Bombay Blues is a bohemian mix of everything that is funky and fun about the Khao San entertainment district. Bombay Blues is a jeans and t-shirt venue where you go to kick back “more than a few” drinks, mingle with the other patrons on the outside deck, smoke strawberry and apple flavored tobacco from the water pipes and eat inexpensive Indian food that is spicy enough to encourage you to drink more. Bombay Blues is not serving haute cuisine, nor is it trying to. It feels like a perfect little hideaway where almost anything can happen, and why not? The tattoo shop next door is open late, the drinks are strong, the Jello shots go down easy and the food is thoroughly satisfying.

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