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Just Like It’s Supposed To Be, At Nathong Duck Bangkok

Author: Anonym/Sunday, January 23, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Nathong Duck is one of those great old Bangkok eateries that prides itself on delivering great food based on time tested recipes and traditional cooking techniques. Nathong Duck is located south of exit 2 at the Suthisan MRT station and can be found after a short walk to the end of the block just around the first corner on the left hand side of the street. It is a large two story building with a giant maroon sign out front that is very hard to miss. Diners have the ability to eat upstairs in the air conditioned dining room, or dine outside on the lower level al fresco. It’s nothing fancy, but there is plenty of sturdy wooden seating, large marble topped tables and quaint Chinese lanterns decorating the entire restaurant.

The main focus at Nathong is of course the duck. You can buy them whole as they hang in the window, or you can order a variety of dishes that feature duck as the main event. Nathong Duck also has a large selection of pork, chicken, seafood and dim sum offerings to choose from. Recommended dishes include the Roast Duck with White Rice (50Baht) and the Egg Noodle Soup with Roast Duck (50Baht). The duck is excellent, it has a nice aroma, is tender and mild in flavor and the skin is crispy, just like it is supposed to be. The gravy poured on the rice is rich and intriguing and has a familiar hint of anise in the background. The noodle soup was also enjoyable as the duck remained crispy even when floating in the broth of the soup which was well developed and had a nice hint of garlic flavor. Another highly recommended dish is the Beef and Vegetable Hot Plate (160Baht), which was absolutely unique and unlike anything ever tried before. The dish arrives on a very hot cast iron plate that sizzles away as you dive into fork tender beef that is swimming in a fragrant smoky chili sauce. There is a slight sweetness to the dish and it has a real depth of flavor which is perfectly matched with the crunchiness of the vegetables on the plate. Patrons are free to flag down the staff to indulge in the fresh made Dim Sum (priced at 40Baht a serving) which the staff carts around the restaurant in the typical Chinese tradition. Most dishes are priced under 100Baht and more adventurous diners may also want to try their Stir Fried Duck Feet, or the Stir Fried Fish Stomach (120Baht).

Nathong Duck is the perfect place to find no frills food, succulent duck and some adventurous Chinese dishes at very reasonable prices in Bangkok. Huay Khwang may be a bit off the beaten track for some, but that is all a part of its charm. This is the kind of joint where the locals eat, and the restaurant is always full a people, night or day. If duck is what you crave, then Nathong Duck should be at the top of your list.

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