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Chow Down with Takeaway Chinese Food” at the Chow Box

Author: Anonym/Thursday, January 13, 2011/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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If you are missing Chinese takeaway food like you are used to find back in the USA or the UK, then look no further than the Chow Box. Everyone who has lived in or visited Asia knows that real Chinese food, and the Western version of Chinese food are two entirely different beasts. Despite this knowledge, one often craves what one has grown up with, and that is what makes the Chow Box such a delightful new addition to the Bangkok food scene. Now you can enjoy Chinese junk food favorites like chicken chow mein or sweet and sour pork anytime the craving strikes.

The Chow Box has a Bangkok location and a location in Pattaya, but it stays true to its USA/UK roots by being more of a takeaway establishment than a restaurant geared towards destination dining. As a matter of fact, the Bangkok location is little more than a “smoke filled” hole in the wall, and a bit of a seedy little bar located in the Nana area of Bangkok. There is no identifying signage on the outside of the building, and once you arrive, there aren’t even any tables to eat at. You are free to eat at the bar, but why bother? Just order “takeaway”, or call ahead and have your meal delivered by Chef XP at or by Food by Phone at . Another nod to the USA/UK tradition of great Chinese takeaway is the late hours of operation at the Chow Box; which are between 1700-0100 in order to satisfy those late night cravings.

Although the Chow Box does havesSome European and Thai dishes on the menu, it is the Chinese food that is the real winner. Recommended dishes include the Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce (190Baht) and the Hong Kong Sweet & Sour Pork (190Baht). Both are delicious, and are large enough portions to be shared. It is recommended that if you are having the food delivered, that you get the sweet and sour sauce on the side, so that it is not a soggy mess by the time it arrives at your door. Another favorite is the Special Fried Rice (180Baht) which miraculously marries chicken, Chinese roasted pork and lots of yummy veggies. The Lemmon Chicken (190Baht) is the only dish that was disappointing. Firstly, you only get one chicken breast, which doesn’t seem like much for the money. It appeared that the skin was left on it before it was breaded. It was bland and had a very unpleasant texture, and it did not retain its crunchiness once the sauce was put on it like the sweet& sour pork. On the other hand; a surprisingly good dish is the Aromatic Crispy Duck (300Baht) which is served with roti-like pancakes, spring onions and an addictive Hoi Sin Sauce. This dish comes in two sizes, and the small order has 8 pancakes in it so once again, there is plenty to share. Amazingly, the duck was flavorful, tender, and had those fantastic crispy skin pieces as promised. Overall it was a totally gratifying dish.

The Chow Box is a success because it fills a real need in Bangkok by delivering the kind of satisfying, high calorie, Chinese junk food that we in the west have come to love and dearly miss. The prices are not the most economical, but the food is generally "spot- on" and really delivers on its promise. The only thing missing is the cute little white Chinese takeaway boxes and the fortune cookies. Without a doubt, the Chow Box is worth trying, but be sure to have to food delivered, as the Bangkok location really does not have the facilities to accommodate sit down dining.

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