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Delightful Indian Fare at Planet Bollywood Bangkok

Author: Anonym/Sunday, December 26, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Planet Bollywood is a contemporary Indian restaurant located behind the Life Center next to the Lumphini MRT station. The restaurant itself is decorated with a wall of Bollywood posters that pay homage to the film stars and movies of Bollywood and features a cheerful color palate of saffron orange and bright blue. The restaurant has seating for 60 and features a small seating area with a dance floor and a giant screen on which Bollywood music videos are played in the evenings for the enjoyment of patrons. There are no banquet facilities onsite, but the restaurant can be reserved in advance for private parties, banquets, or corporate events. One draw back to the restaurant is the lack of restroom facilities onsite. Guests are required to use the facilities of the Indian Chamber of Commerce located next door which are definitely sub par and lack essentials such as toilet tissue and hand soap.

The Food

The menu at Planet Bollywood is impressive and boasts a wide variety of Northern Indian, Vegetarian, Ha’al, Jalin (no garlic, onion or root vegetables), Chinese fusion and even a few Mexican fusion food items. Planet Bollywood also has an onsite clay oven in which they make their famous Indian breads. All guests who dine at Planet Bollywood are treated to a complimentary starter of chutneys and Papadom, which is thin and crispy flat bread that is made from lentils. The version served is actually a bit spicy and is very salty, but it is nicely matched with the 4 chutneys of pickled baby red onions, the sweet and tangy Tamarind sauce, the fiery curry based mixed vegetable chutney, and the green mint sauce which starts off tasting deceptively mild, and then quickly crescendos into an intense heat in your mouth. A recommended dish is the Fish Tikka (300Baht) which is a hearty serving of large chunks of fresh (never frozen) white snapper that have been marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and Indian spices and then grilled. The fish is moist and delicious, and is not overpowered by the marinade. Another popular dish is the Mutton Handi (250Baht) which is a mild curry in a thick and flavorful sauce. The amount of mutton in the curry is generous, and the meat is also very mild and tender and works well when scooped up with the chewy Naan (60Baht) and the Whole Wheat Tandoor Roti (30Baht). Other dishes to try include the Butter Chicken (230Baht), the Chicken Tikka Masala (230Baht) and a unique version of paneer n which the homemade cottage cheese is deep fried and served as an appetizer called Paneer Pakoda (180Baht).

Overall the food at Planet Bollywood was delightful and is highly recommended. The restaurant also has 199Baht (net) lunch specials Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 1130-1400. Guests can either choose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, and each entrée comes with 5 items including the main course, bread, and salad. Although the wines offered are somewhat limited, they do offer house red and white at 150Baht per glass, and have a fully stocked bar on the premises. Planet Bollywood does not currently have a website, but they are on Facebook at and they do offer delivery services via Food by Phone at and Chef XP at

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