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Tawandang German Micro-Brewery Offers Great Beer, Entertainment, and Fun Thai-style Dining

Author: Anonym/Thursday, December 2, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Established in Bangkok in 1999, Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is like a Thai theme park, restaurant and bar all rolled into one. With two locations in Thailand and one in Singapore, Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is a “must do” in Bangkok for visitors as well as residents.

Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is a unique venue and the absolute right spot to take a group of friends (the more the merrier). It is also a great place to take out-of-town visitors who want to get a feel for some authentic Thai nightlife outside of the Bangkok bar scene. Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is a massive undertaking as it has seating for 1400 people, boasts an actual working distillery onsite where they brew their one of a kind exclusive beers, has a decent menu of local Thai food, and offers has some of the most diverse Thai musical entertainment around. The restaurant/brewery is decorated beautifully with warm wood, metal works, stone accents, and big glass windows that allow patrons to view the inner workings of the beer making factory. The entertainment was varied with live entertainment taking place on two different stages throughout the evening; the music was some times Thai traditional music, sometimes Thai or English Pop music and a little bit of everything else in-between. The best part is that you never know what will be next, but you can be sure that it will be entertaining.

Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is well known for their exclusive beers that can only be bought at one of their locations. There are three main beers that you can choose from and they are priced by the size that you order and not the flavor. Starting at 95Baht for a 0.3 liter and going up to 780Baht for 3.0 liters, customers can choose the Lager, the Dunkel Beer, or the Wizen Beer. The Lager is the most popular beer and it is easy to see why because it is a smooth, mild tasting beer that goes down easy without being too heavy. The Dunkel beer is a dark beer also known as the “Black Beer’. It is a semi-sweet malted beer that was not as strong as I had anticipated it would be. It was very aromatic and had a pleasant aftertaste. The Wizen Beer was another malted beer and has the highest alcohol content at 5.5 percent. The Wizen is full of bold, strong flavors and is not for the faint of heart.

The food at Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is representative of typical Thai cuisine with many meat and fish dishes and featured items such as the Deep Fried Pork Knuckle (350Baht), Seafood Meatballs in Red Bearn Curd Soup (220Baht), Grilled Sea Bass or Deep Fried Sea Bass (350Baht) and the Tawandang Grilled Chicken (250Baht). There was also a nice selection of German sausages (not too surprising) and several noodle and rice dishes that can be ordered in small portions for under 100Baht per serving or and in large family size portions for a bit over 200Baht. There is also a full menu dedicated to cocktails, spirits, and alcohol that can be purchased by the bottle. What was unexpected was the extensive dessert menu that Tawandang German Micro-Brewery had, which featured quite a few varieties of ice cream and ice cream sundaes.

Tawandang German Micro-Brewery is not necessarily a unique food experience in Bangkok, but it takes the best of Thai style dining, mixes in some high octane entertainment with a fantastic venue and some delicious, unique beers. It’s a winning combination that makes for a good time that is best enjoyed in a group.

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