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Delightful and Satisfying Food at Indian Hut Bangkok

Author: Anonym/Thursday, December 2, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Founded in 1995, Indian Hut is well established in Bangkok as one of the best places to get good quality Indian food at reasonable prices.

Indian Hut has a small, but comfortable main dining area that is decorated in white marble, gold and white linens. The overall look is a bit dated, but it is clean and bright and the restaurant also has an upstairs banquet area that seats up to 70 additional guests. The general manager, Mr. Anshu Hora, pointed out that Indian Hut received the “Best Indian Food Restaurant” award by the Thailand Tattler for nine consecutive years between 1998 and 2008. Mr. Anshu Hora stated that Indian Hut specializes in Northern Indian and Indian-Chinese fusion cuisine while also catering to those with special diets such as vegetarians, and those requiring Ha’al and Jalin food (no garlic, onion or root vegetables). When asked what makes Indian Hut so successful, Mr. Anshu Hora said “We offer the best food, for the best value. People trust that we will consistently provide authentic and delicious food; we have had the same chef for many years and only hire professional chefs with more than 25 years of experience in cooking Indian food. We also import all our spices from India and grind our own spice blends onsite. All of our meat is fresh, never frozen. We provide high quality food”.

Indian Hut offers a large menu of dishes inspired from Northern India. According to Mr. Anshu Hora, Northern Indian food has more variety and uses more meats than other types of Indian food. Indian Hut is famous for their “Tawa Masalas” (225Baht-350Baht) which are meat, seafood or vegetable masalas served on a sizzling platter. They are also well known for their excellent grilled seafood, meats and kebabs. The Tandori Chicken (250Baht) was particularly good as it was very moist, while being perfectly grilled. Another recommendation is the Vegetable Samosa (60Baht) which was crispy on the outside, warm and creamy on the inside and served up with 4 intriguing and delectable sauces and homemade chutneys. The creamy mint sauce was especially refreshing, and unexpectedly delicious. Another wonderful dish is the homemade Paneer (180Baht) which is a soft, mild homemade curd cheese that is similar in texture to tofu. It is sliced, seasoned, grilled and served warm with the chutney. Indian Hut also serves a desert version of the paneer called Rasmalai (95Baht) in which the same cheese is rolled in a ball and soaked in milk and sugar. It takes on an entirely different texture and is truly sublime. The Kashmiri Roganjosh (275Baht) is a lamb curry that was also particularly good when served with the Saffron Pulao (160Baht) which is the best Basmati rice I have ever tasted. The rice was so amazingly flavorful and buttery and when eaten with the combination of the Butter Naan (60Baht) and the lamb curry, it was the “perfect storm” of spices, textures and tastes. All the curries and dishes can be ordered with a heat preference from mild, medium and hot and Indian Hut also has an international wine list and serves premium scotch and cocktails. A non-alcoholic beverage that is recommended is the Mango Lassi (90Baht) which is a thick, creamy and refreshing yogurt and mango drink that works well with a spicy curry. The food at Indian Hut is expertly prepared, delightful and satisfying to eat. Whether you decide to visit the restaurant or have it delivered to your home or hotel, Indian Hut is a safe bet for a satisfying meal that is both economical and delicious.

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