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Adventures in Ice Cream at Spice Story in Siam Paragon

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, October 27, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Spice Story is an interesting concept and is a combination of a café, ice cream parlor, tea house and specialty spice store all rolled into one. Spice Story is located on the ground floor in Siam Paragon in Bangkok and is right across from the Gourmet Market. The venue is surprisingly small, but it is very colorful and quaint and really gives a lot of bang for the buck. Spice Story has shelves of freshly ground and prepared spices for sale as well as hard to find whole spices such as vanilla beans, longan and nutmeg.

Priced at only 75Baht for 3 scoops, there is no excuse for not being adventurous and trying some of the ice cream on offer at Spice Story. The one of a kind ice cream and sorbet options are created from truly unique combinations of spices, milk, herbs, and plants. The flavor combinations are imaginative, yet expertly paired so that all the flavors are complementary. All six flavor combinations tried were provocative and delightful, not to mention scrumptious. Overall favorite ice cream is the Chili On Ice. It is sweet and creamy when you first taste it, and then the heat develops in the back of the mouth and throat with a quickly diminishing intensity. It immediately makes you want to take another bite, and another bite, and another bite in order to repeat the tantalizing experience ….in a word, this is ice cream is “addictive”. Another favorite is the Green Tea Poppy Seed, which has an intense green tea flavor and a nice textural contrast of the creamy ice cream and the hard poppy seeds on the tongue. The Chocolate Pepper and the Pepper Magic are basically chocolate and vanilla ice cream with pepper. While the vanilla is excellent, the Chocolate is superior, the black pepper is perfectly matched with the bitterness of dark chocolate; it is amazing. Some of the sweeter ice creams include the Ginger Milk, which is not as creamy as the previous ice creams described, and but is the perfect medium to allow the flavor of crystallized ginger to take center stage on the palate. The Hibiscus Flower and Jujube is another texture and flavor powerhouse. The ice cream is more like a sorbet, and the jujube adds an unexpected, but not unpleasant gumminess, like having gummy bears in the ice cream. The Hibiscus flower is fragrant, and sweet and has the perfect amount of an acidic lemon or lime that adds a refreshing tanginess to the ice cream. The ice creams are so complex, but are masterfully developed and totally enjoyable. All the ice cream flavors are healthily and made of natural ingredients instead of relying on processed methods.

Spice Story also has some healthy and all natural combinations of herbal drinks served either hot or cold such as the Lotus Roots Juice (55Baht), Ten Herbs Juice (55Baht) and the Almond Juice (65Baht). Additionally, they have a full menu of economically priced Chinese and Thai dishes such as Chinese 5-Spices Duck Noodle Soup with Rice Stick (220Baht), The Honey Black Pepper Stir Fried Pork with Jasmine Rice (175Baht), and the Sweet Taro and Gingko Crispy Rolls (80Baht). Whether you feel like sitting down and enjoying some uniquely prepared and perfectly spiced main dishes or just want to stop by and dare yourself not to get addicted to the Chili Ice Cream, Spice Story is a must have culinary experience worth making time for.

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