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Creative and Delicious Thai Food at Café Chili in Siam Paragon

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, October 27, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Café Chili is located on the ground floor of Siam Paragon in Bangkok and is the perfect place to stop and have a thoroughly delicious meal while shopping in the mall. Café Chili is a restaurant that cooks Issan inspired, Thai food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable and cozy on the inside, with a dark color scheme of ruby red, orange and yellow and many dark wood and bamboo accents. Upstairs there is a nice area for sitting on the floor while dining, and outside there is a calming waterfall and garden area for dining in the fresh air.

Café Chili has many time tested and traditional favorites such as papaya salad, but they also offer several new versions of most popular Thai dishes. For instance, the menu has the traditional papaya salad, but it also features several versions of this dish, such as the deep fried soft shell crab papaya salad. One of the best examples of this is the Larb Salmon Salad with Mixed Ground Rice and Herbs (290Baht). Served on a bowl of ice and a banana leaf, this dish can only be described as superior. The salmon is so fresh and the acid from the lime and the spices from the chilies and herbs are perfectly matched with the flavor of the salmon. This version of Larb is decadent and when eaten with black sticky rice it becomes immensely gratifying.

Another exciting item included on the menu is the Deep Fried Blooms (130Baht) which uses a crispy tempura-style cooking technique on locally sourced herbs, flower shoots, and mushrooms. All the sauces used are fresh and made on site. The fresh herbs and vegetables that are always served with the Thai dishes ordered are of the highest quality. The Fried Chicken with Lemmon Grass (130Baht) was crispy and boldly flavored on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside. It was the perfect contrast dish for the soft texture, and subtle flavor of the Steamed River Fish with Local Herbs (220Baht).

One of the best components of the meal was a shot glass that contained an icy, herbal drink that was used as a palate cleanser. The high quality of the fresh ingredients used in the dishes and the creative paring of non-traditional ingredients with traditional cooking techniques, the high quality of the herbs and proteins used, and the acute attention to detail to every aspect of the meal, made dining at Café Chili a truly cohesive and memorable Thai dining experience.

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