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Memorable Cantonese Cuisine at Foong Chinese Restaurant

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, October 27, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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If you are looking for superior Chinese food and an elegant and sophisticated dining experience, then Loong Foong Chinese Restaurant is the place for you.The restaurant showcases classic and ornate Chinese décor with a color scheme of red, gold, and black accompanied by rich polished wood accents, traditional round tables, and crisp white linens. The staff and service was impeccable as they greet you with icy cold wet towels at your table and refill your glass of cold water without ever being prompted. Another revelation was the inclusion of washroom facilities inside the restaurant itself. It is an unexpected pleasure to not have to tromp into the lobby in search of the facilities in order to wash up before dining. The staff was very knowledgeable about the menu and they were happy to recommend dishes.

The menu is vast and features more than 120 authentic Cantonese dishes prepared by a master chef from Hong Kong. There are several different varieties of dim sum and steamed dumplings; some of the most unique being the Sharks’ Fin dumplings, the Salmon Shrimp dumplings and the Crispy Scallop wantons. The signature dish of the restaurant is the Loong Foong Roasted Duck, priced at 280Baht-480Baht depending on if you order the small or large portion. This dish was expertly prepared and served hot with the skin crispy and the meat so moist and tender that it practically melts in your mouth. The Golden Suckling Pig (1500Baht) and the Peking Duck (680Baht) are also masterfully prepared and the portions are large enough to share with several other people. The Honey BBQ Pork (180Baht-388Baht) once again showed of the expertise of the chef as it was flawlessly prepared and had just the right amount of crispy charred meaty parts and the luxurious and flavorful fatty parts infused with the sticky sweet honey. Other recommended dishes are the Vegetable Fried Rice (150Baht) and the Soya Chicken (280Baht).

Another spectacular aspect of the Loong Foong Chinese Restaurant is the “All You Can Eat” ala carte buffet that they offer. Priced at only 539Baht per person, it gives economy conscious diners access to more than 100 items on the menu including many of the items mentioned above as well as a wide variety of desserts, soups, stir fries, spring rolls and dim sum options. Each dish is individually prepared and served hot. The ala carte buffet is available daily for both lunch and dinner and features the exact same menu and price for both service times. Loong Foong Chinese Restaurant really delivers on the quality of the food and the atmosphere is appropriate if you want to do something special for a group of people or just enjoy an intimate dining experience for two.

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