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Best Burrito in Bangkok at Sunrise Tacos

Author: Anonym/Friday, August 6, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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Bangkok has quite a few Mexican eateries for an Asian city, but there is only one place to find authentic, California style Mexican food, and that is Sunrise Tacos. Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is located between soi 12 & soi 14 on Sukhumvit and also has 2 additional locations on the 5th floor of the Emporium Food Court and at Siam Paragon on the ground floor. Sunrise Tacos is open 24 hours a day and also has limited delivery service hours available through While all the food is good at Sunrise Tacos, the burritos are a must have dining experience. To view their full menu, visit the website at .

What makes Sunrise Tacos so special is that they stick to 1 thing and 1 thing only, making great Mexican food. You will not find any Thai food or any other western food on the menu, just quality, made to order, Mexican-American food. The owner is American businessman Greg Lane and his “ace in the hole” for authentic fare is his chefs Eligio Escobedo Medina and Chef Abel Coutino Castilla who he recruited from Mexico to work in his Bangkok restaurant. On a daily basis they make handmade, fresh corn and flour tortillas on a tortilla press brought from abroad to Bangkok.

For 169 Baht you get a huge burrito that comes with a side order of fluffy, tasty Mexican rice and a choice of well seasoned and flavorful beans (black beans, refried beans or pinto bens). For an authentic American-sized portion, try up-sizing to the “Giant Burrito” which weighs in at a hefty 18 ounces (1/2 kilo) and can be purchased for an additional 89 Baht. They also let you choose if you want your burrito regular, grilled or, for 29 additional Baht, deep fried (chimichanga style or covered in red sauce and melted cheddar cheese (ranchero style). There are 3 main parts to the Sunrise Tacos “Build Your Own Burrito” experience, these are: choice of gourmet filling, choice of homemade salsa, and choice of toppings.

Choice of Gourmet Filling

Sunrise Tacos does not limit you to the standard chicken or ground beef option. Instead, you are presented with no less than 9 choices of fillings for the burritos including juicy grilled chicken, slow cooked and seasoned shredded chicken, a mildly spicy ground beef or the Carne Asada, which is the marinated grilled steak. They also have Barbacoa, which is a wonderful slow cooked and seasoned shredded beef and Carnitas, which is slow cooked and seasoned shredded pork. Both of these filings are made from recipes that the chefs brought from Mexico and are tender, juicy, bursting with flavor and as authentic as anything you will find in a good Mexican restaurant in California. If you are a vegetarian, fear not, they also have a choice of flame roasted bell peppers & onions, potatoes & corn, or beans & cheese fillings to choose from.


Jalapeno, cilantro, onion, sour cream or cheese is no additional cost, but if you want both sour cream & cheese, it is an extra 40 Baht. The homemade guacamole is another topping you can add for an additional 75 Baht, and if you order it on the side it is a good size portion that can be shared among several people.

Fresh Homemade Salsa

It is so nice to be offered more than just hot and mild salsa. Sunrise Tacos brings no less than 6 salsa choices to the customer. They have Mild, Sunrise (which is a medium), Mucho Mango (nice medium heat and made with fresh mango), Lalo’s Hot & Sweet (which is also really good at a medium heat but does not have fresh fruit in it), John’s Hot (which is pretty hot by most people’s standards) and John’s Super Hot (hot even by Thai standards).

The unparalleled choice options, quality ingredients that are individually seasoned, and handmade tortillas is just part of what makes the burritos at Sunrise Tacos the best in Bangkok, but the added value of the portion sizes, the choice of fillings, and the high quality side dishes is what sets it apart. Nobody else is doing anything even close to this in Bangkok, and diners should be forewarned that these burritos can become “addictive”! The ability to “have it your way” and customize your burrito is unique in Bangkok and is a big part of what makes Sunrise Tacos so special. Best of all, they deliver to almost the entire metropolitan Bangkok area so that you can enjoy them without even going out.

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