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Dining at Home - Review of Bangkok Restaurant Delivery Services

Author: Anonym/Sunday, July 25, 2010/Categories: Food & Restaurant Reviews

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What’s for dinner when you don’t feel like dealing with the Bangkok heat, traffic or rain? How about home delivery! Bangkok is a fast paced city that offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to “dinning out while staying in”. Whether you’re looking to fill up on western food, or eat light with Asian cuisine, the benefits of doing it in Bangkok is that you have choices, choices and then even more choices.

The two main competitors for the Bangkok’s “restaurant delivery” market are “Chef XPress” and “Food by Phone” and both companies have their die hard fans. Each offer a mind boggling array of restaurant choices with food styles from Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America. On last count, there are 88 restaurants serviced by “Food by Phone” and 83+ by “Chef XPress”. Another really great feature of both of these services is that they both also offer delivery of groceries including wine, beer & cigarettes and they both also have DVD delivery. “Food by Phone” offers a wider selection of grocery items and wines and they also have a glossy magazine that you can order for free that has all their restaurants in it so you can browse the full menus if you’re not sure what you want to order. Their website is also very user friendly and the service is professional, but be prepared to pay extra for the food you order because it is more expensive than if you just go to the restaurant yourself and they charge different delivery fees depending on where you live in Bangkok (60Bht-100Bht), or how many restaurants (60Bht per restaurant) you order from. “Chef XPress” on the other hand offers the same quality service (minus the glossy magazine and the website is not as user friendly) but without marking up the price of the food. The price of the food on the website is the same price as it is if you were to go directly to the restaurant. Another advantage is that you can order from more than 1 restaurant and you still only pay 1 flat rate (60Bht) and the delivery fee is a flat rate no matter where you live within the service area.

Other delivery choices in Bangkok include “JJ Delivery Service” which charges only 20Bht for delivery and offers Thai, Japanese & Western food and most items are under 100Bht. You can also go directly to most of the major fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Buger King, Pizza Company, Mc Donald’s, Oishi Delivery and Chester’s Grill. Delivery hours, minimum order amounts and delivery fees vary, but most will deliver in less than an hour for no more than 30Bht.

Bangkok may be a 24 hour city that never sleeps, but food delivery service is anything but 24hours a day. Currently the only restaurants that offer 24 hour a day delivery service are the fast food American goliath “Mc Donald’s” and Bangkok’s local Mexican restaurant “Sunrise Tacos”. Both restaurants also have a breakfast menu which is really good considering that most delivery services in Bangkok don’t even open up until after 10:00am. But be warned, Mc Donald’s breakfast menu is paltry, only offering a few basic sausage, bacon and egg combinations. Sunrise Tacos on the other hand has man sized portions and includes choices such as breakfast quesadilla’s, burritos, tacos and huevos rancheros.

So what are you hungry for? From fast food to fine dining, organic & vegetarian fare to BBQ, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican or European, what ever your want, you can probably have it delivered in Bangkok. Check out the “Bangkok Delivery Guide” listed below. Happy Eating!

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